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"The BTB Feng Shui Masters program is thorough, engaging and one of the most memorable experiences I've ever had. The school is unique because it combines expert classroom instruction with real client consultations, and full instructor mentorship support in between to help you apply everything you learn along the way.  If you are looking for a comprehensive, in depth Feng Shui school, this is it!"  The instructors are extremely dedicated to spreading the teachings of Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun.  These teachings truly help improve the lives we live each day. 


Cathleen Conover, Graduate, Feng Shui Consultant, Norwalk CT

"My Interior Design business has been really good and I have been working non-stop! I contribute the Feng Shui in my life to my Prosperity these days." 


Sherri Agnew, Graduate

"Yesterday marked the last formal class of my 3 year Feng Shui BTB Masters Feng Shui Training Program which has changed my life in all ways. I strongly recommend this program." 


Sue Fishkin, Graduate

Rooms About You Design Studio/Wood Horse Feng Shui

"I have studied many things in my life and been taught by many teachers - good and bad. To be taught by a master; to be shown by magnificent example is such a rare and wonderful opportunity. In the BTB Feng Shui Masters Program we have no less than 3 such masters teaching and mentoring us and THEIR masters above leading the way! It is an honour, a privilege and utter delight and I can’t wait for more!! I am so grateful to them already and I am but one step on my way." 


SV, a prior student

"The BTB Feng Shui™ Master's Training Program provided me with the solid foundation upon which I've built a successful Feng Shui professional practice. While other schools may also teach basic Feng Shui principles and theory, what makes the BTB school exceptional is the following. The breadth, width and depth of knowledge of the three teachers. An emphasis on meditation and spiritual practice to cultivate our personal Qi (chi) as the best way to help our clients and to impart transcendental solutions. I am eternally grateful to the BTB teachers and to Grandmaster Lin Yun."


Terumi Leinow, Graduate

"My Feng Shui training with BTB Masters Program has enriched my personal life as well as enhanced my overall business philosophy as a holistic interior designer.  I have re-learned many life lessons and have been given a new set of tools to use both for my client projects as well as in my own home. I highly recommend this experience if you are interested in growing yourself to embrace your life dreams."


S. Lee Wright, Graduate

"Extraordinary depth of knowledge and spirit… master teachers and Feng Shui healers." 


Jillian B, Richmond, CA

"Having the opportunity to attend so many on-site consultations has strengthened my abilities to ‘tap in’ to chi energy of a client and their space.  It’s truly a gift in knowing that I will be able to help others on many levels in my consultation practice." 


Olivia O, NY

"The classes offered spiritual transmission that makes a powerful training unlike any others." 


Brayden Z, Scottsdale, AZ

"The BTB Feng Shui Masters Training Program was a life changing experience. The amount of information we were given was outstanding and inspirational. It taught me to be a life long student of Feng Shui and I am ever so grateful to have at my fingertips a plethora of materials to draw upon. Rosalie, Steven and Barry are amazing teachers who were always there for me when in need. I am forever grateful."


Hillary Anderson, Graduate

"The BTB Feng Shui Masters Training program has changed my life exponentially. The results and shifts have been great and prominent. I have greatly improved my living situation, my finances and all of the personal growth that goes along with that process. I recommend this program for anyone. I signed up for my business and the joke asked is "who thought this was about moving furniture?" We all laugh as the growth and improvements in all of our lives is palpable." 


Jane Kifer, Third Year Student, Feng Shui Consultant

"Graduation was a powerful day for me. I can’t express the extent of my gratitude towards my teachers / mentors. More than my mentors, I consider you lifelong “commas.”  As Professor said Graduation is not a period [ending], but just a comma. You all are like our parents who have instilled in us our basic values and now (the commas) will need more, and will be back.  FROM my HEART I say: Thank You for all you have taught me."      


Andrea Giordano, Graduate


"My client whose son was sleeping in the sun room has had amazing results. After making the changes you recommended, the issues were resolved within a week. And after making changes for her other child who was sleeping in bunk beds, the child is doing so much better [and] almost made the honors grade at Christmas.  And after making changes in her own bedroom and office, my client and her husband are getting along better. She couldn't believe how fast and effective this all was !!! 


CH, New York NY about a mentor-assisted consult

"With a joyous heart I express my gratitude to Professor Lin who transmitted Black Sect Feng Shui tradition to our teachers.  To our 3 teachers who communicated these teachings to our class; the 1st of it's kind at the NY Open Center, and to my classmates, who were the brave pioneers plowing through the vast, fascinating and at times complex material. During the 3 years together we learned so many aspects of Feng Shui teachings, Chi energy, the Bagua, Art of placement, the Elements, Chinese astrology, auspicious days, qi gong, to name a few. For me, the invaluable meditations helped me grow and stretch, getting into and out of myself to become an empty vessel open to receive and give universal blessings. 


Laura Falcone, First Graduating Class of 1999

"The BTB Feng Shui program will make you a better acupuncturist. One that is attuned to the totality of your patient's life. Able to recognize patterns in both their interior manifestations, as we have been trained, as well as in the exterior environment of the patient's home, work place, and relationships."


Michael Waterman, Graduate

"The BTB Masters Training deepened my understanding of Chinese medicine. Classic pieces of Chinese philosophy and principles have been cleared out of the TCM texts used in acupuncture schools. I found the BTB program a valuable and rich source of information for my acupuncture practice. It also furthered my knowledge and use of the most basic and profound principles of qi flow. I use the same skills to work with needles as I do with homes and offices. I highly recommend this program as a way to enrich your love of service, compassion, self growth, and the beauty of nature (Tao)."  


Deborah Turek, Graduate

"This program was a great life altering and learning experience and increased my desire for continued Learning."


LF, Graduate

"I'm so happy I completed the BTB feng shui program. It offers much timeless wisdom and many life-enhancing practices that achieve real results. Whether you are seeking personal enrichment or want to practice feng shui professionally, the BTB program is the most comprehensive, in-depth feng shui training available."


Dana Micucci, Graduate

Author of The Third Muse: A Novel, and Sojourns of the Soul: One Woman's Journey around the World and into Her Truth.

"Before I started this wonderful program I was at crossroads in my work life I had a successful Interior Design business but I always felt like something was missing. I wanted to offer my clients more. I wanted to help them on a deeper level. I had studied Feng Shui in the past but never felt like I truly "got it" until I started this program. Throughout my studies and after completing the program I can say that Feng Shui has integrated beautifully not only into my work life but also into my personal life. I have a thriving Feng Shui consultation and design business and much of the credit goes to this program and my amazing teachers."


Laura Morris, Graduate

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