Dana Micucci

Healer, Distance Feng Shui, Lecturer/Speaker

New Mexico

Dana Micucci has enjoyed a decades-long career as a widely published journalist and author writing about culture, travel, and spirituality. She is the author of the novel, The Third Muse, a metaphysical, time-travel mystery inspired by Renaissance ideals and the divine feminine teachings of the Magdalene Order. She also has a private healing practice.

Phone: 575.758.8504

Email: dmicucci@earthlink.net

Website: www.danamicucci.com

Author of: The Third Muse: A Novel and Sojourns of the Soul: One Woman's Journey around the World and into Her Truth

Kristi Stangeland

Distance Feng Shui, 9 Star Astrology, Lecturer/Speaker

New York, Maine, Arizona, Ontario

Kristi is the founder of FSC, a company dedicated to helping corporate and private clients realize their goals using Feng Shui. Prior to FSC, Kristi graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business admin., practiced as a CPA with PricewaterhouseCoopers and J.P. Morgan Chase, and built a web site design firm. She also served on the boards of several not-for-profit organizations.

Phone: 914.806.6611

Email: ks@fscservice.com

Website: fscfengshuiconsulting.com

Anjie Cho

Architect, Interior Designer

New York, California

Anjie is a registered Architect, Feng Shui Interior Designer and Amazon best selling author of 108 Ways to Create Holistic Spaces: Feng Shui and Green Design for Healing and Organic Homes. Since 1999, she has been creating beautiful and nourishing environments throughout New York City, Washington DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and beyond.

Email: info@anjiecho.com

Website: www.anjiecho.com

Author of: 108 Ways to Create Holistic Spaces

Suki Sohn

Phone: 917.922.9365

Website: www.vervefengshui.com

Judith Wendell

Designer, Distance Feng Shui, 9 Star Astrology, Lecturer/Speaker

New York, Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., North Carolina, California, Hawaii

I graduated with a 3-yr BTB FS Masters degree in 1999 & has been a full time FS consultant since. My expertise includes Flying Star FS & Space Clearing/Blessing Rituals - working with architects & developers, corporate offices, retailers, spas, restaurants & homeowners. I’ve appeared in the NY Times, NY Magazine, ELLE, NBC, NY Post, PBS & others.

Phone: 212.410.1832 / 917.903.9390

Email: judith@sacredcurrents.com

Website: www.sacredcurrents.com

Wendy Coad

Healer, Distance Feng Shui, Lecturer/Speaker


Since her travels to China in 1995 with HH Professor Lin Yun and teachers Gordon, Post and Sung, healer, artist and Feng Shui Practitioner, Wendy Coad, MFA has been successfully bringing these balancing principles into the homes, land, businesses and hearts of her clients, both nationally and internationally, resulting in the optimization of well-being and prosperity.

Phone: 646.456.0000

Email: info@wendycoad.com

Serena Pia Aversa

Healer, Space Clearing, Distance Feng Shui

New York

Serena Pia is a Feng Shui-er, Space & Energy Clearer, Sacred Space Creator, Bliss Reconnecter, Artist, and Healer. Helping you bring harmony into your space and life.

Email: serenelivingwithserena@gmail.com 

Website: www.facebook.com/serenelivingwithserena/

Author of: Honoring Your Ancestors

Abha Thakore

Distance Feng Shui, 9 Star Astrology, 4 Pillars Astrology

South Carolina

I am a graduate of the BTB Feng Shui Masters School where I specialized in Feng Shui, 9 Star Astrology, and 4 Pillars. I practice BTB Feng Shui and also include Indian Feng Shui solutions for my Indian clients. Using Skype, I can help my clients from a distance.

Phone: 864.360.1237

Simone Perez Braga

Designer, Healer, Distance Feng Shui, Lecturer / Speaker, Space Clearing

São Paulo and New York

Simone is BTB Feng Shui Master Consultant since 2004, Reiki Master Therapist since 2006; a Designer, Landscaper, Grant writer & winner for Educational Native Gardens in NYC Public Schools, a Shamanic Healer performing Space, Ancestors, Death & Dead Healing Blessing Cerimonies & Creator of "The Deep Core Healing Therapy","The Angel's Mix" & "Sweet Breath of God" Aromatherapy.

Phone: 917.304.5902

Email: simonehealer@nyc.rr.com

Writing and Editing: Original thesis - "Having a Baby the Feng Shui Way"

S. Lee Wright

Designer, Healer, Distance Feng Shui, Lecturer/Speaker

New York

Lee's unique approach to helping clients create spaces that truly reflect them and enhance their quality of life started with a degree in Interior Architecture. After two decades practicing in New York, Glasgow and London, Lee expanded her skills with Sustainable Design, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and the Master Training Program of Feng Shui to offer a unique methodology.

Phone: 917.817.7859

Email: lee@sleewright.com

Website: sleewright.com

Stephanie Surach

9 Star Astrology, Lecturer/Speaker

New York, New Jersey

Phone: 201.993.6533

Email: stephanie@ninestarfengshui.com

Website: www.ninestarfengshui.com

Pamela Sophia Rays

Architect, Designer, Distance Feng Shui, Lecturer/Speaker, Real Estate

North Carolina

Distance feng shui, practitioner, teacher of cosmology feng shui. Grave site, cities, town, schools, tribes. Graduation of BTB Feng Shui Master class of 2002 and teacher at Zen Chi University

Phone: 252.213.4713

Email: Zenchiuniversity@windstream.net  

Website: zenchiuniversity.com

Susan Chan

Designer, Distance Feng Shui, 9 Star Astrology, 4 Pillars Astrology, Lecturer/Speaker

New York

Certified Feng Shui consultant using lifestyle coaching and ancient Feng Shui principles to help achieve your goals. As a Feng Shui Coach, I work with you to create a vision for your life while making your home a supportive, sacred place of rest & renewal. Featured in Wall Street Journal online, Asian Americans, other international publications. 

Email: susan@fengshuicreative.com

Website: fengshuicreative.com

Silvina Kishinevsky

Designer, Distance Feng Shui, Lecturer/Speaker


Silvina has an ability to focus on her client's needs creating the perfect understanding between people and physical space to create a holistic and harmonious workplace. Silvina brings her experience as a teacher, life coach, Reiki practitioner and her Face reading knowledge for a better understanding of the person and issues to be adjusted. 

Phone: 408.455.0544

Email: silvina@livingfengshui.net

Website: www.livingfengshui.net

Mui Bui

Healer, Distance Feng Shui, Lecturer/Speaker

Montreal, Canada

Health Professional background. Feng Shui practitioner from family. Chinese Feng Shui influence.

Phone: 514.972.3498

Email: tnguyen_9@sympatico.ca

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Elizabeth Salutare

Designer, Healer, Distance Feng Shui, 9 Star Astrology, Lecturer / Speaker, Staging, Space Clearing​

New York, Tristate area, New England, Florida

Fashion Stylist, Color Specialist, Personal Shopper, Organizer. With over 25 years of Textile industry experience in Fashion & Home Furnishings, plus degrees in Art Advertising Design, Fashion Buying and Merchandising, and Textiles, Liz assists clients with wardrobe styling, color analysis, personal shopping, organization, packing for travel and home or office relocation.

Phone: 310.489.7457

Email: Elizabethnyla@aol.com

Sherri Agnew



Sherri is an Interior Designer who offers Energy Balance to her Client’s home & working environment. She expresses her philosophy & wisdom of Feng Shui in her Designs. Sherri can assist you with design, feng shui & personal adjustments, to can keep your mind, Body & Spirit in Balance.  

Phone: 812.447.3415

Email: sherri@sherriagnewdesign.com

Website: sherriagnewdesign.com

Bo Blichfeldt

Architect, Healer, Acupunturist, Distance Feng Shui


Feng Shui consultant,  Architect, Passive House Designer and BON TSE DUP Healer. Healing architecture is my design concept. It represents the vision that Feng Shui and architecture affects human well-being and contribute to the strength and promotion of the healing process of the individual, and society.

Phone: +45 31730070

Email: bo@blichfeldt-arkitekter.dk

Website: blichfeldt-arkitekter.dk

Zaira Mejia

Healer, Distance Feng Shui, 9 Star Astrology, Lecturer/Speaker, Real Estate, Staging, Space Clearing

Florida, Spain, Central America, South America

"Transforming living spaces into loving places" Zaira lives in Orlando FL. She completed her BS in Business Admin in Colombia where she was born & raised, and postgraduate studies in Intl. Marketing in Barcelona & London. An avid learner, with interests in alternative sciences, she is now combining her prior knowledge with her Master of Feng Shui Practitioner Certificate.

Phone: 407.864.0900

Email: zairealestate@gmail.com

Website: www.thebestproperty4you.com

Michele Duffy

Designer, Distance Feng Shui, 9 Star Astrology, Lecturer / Speaker, Real Estate, Staging, Space Clearing


Mandala Feng Shui SPACE AS MEDICINE Consulting & Design for 17 years has created energy rich, nature-inspired homes and offices to unleash ease, happiness, abundance and wellness for busy 21st century lives.  Applying 5 Elements design in residential & business & color consults, and annual Space Clearings & Blessings & personal EMPOWERMENT Charts for optimal living.

Phone: 520.647.4887

Email: spaceharmony@gmail.com

Website: www.mandalafengshui.com

Hillary Anderson

Designer, Healer, Distance Feng Shui, 9 Star Astrology, Lecturer/Speaker


Feng Shui is an avenue to success, health, happiness, love and serenity. It would be my sincerest honor to assist you in achieving all that you desire.

Phone: 208.720.5239

Email: fengshuiilluminations@gmail.com

Website: www.fengshuiilluminations.com

Sabine Millauriaux

Distance Feng Shui, 9 Star Astrology, Lecturer / Speaker, Space Clearing

New York

Sabine is the founder of Cybeles/Feng Shui for pet owners. Animals are very sensitive to their environment and may provide a great deal of information to a consultant. Since Feng Shui acts on the environment, it can restore harmony and balance and be beneficial for both pets and owners. Sabine is a French native speaker. All services can be conducted in English or French.

Phone: 917.736.4741

Email: cybelesonline@gmail.com

Website: www.cybelesonline.com

Wendy Yawching

Healer, Distance Feng Shui, 9 Star Astrology, Lecturer/Speaker


Based in the Caribbean, Wendy's clients and interests are international. Her strength is in creating Healing Spaces...for people and animals, at work, rest or play. Whether a home or business-place, a hospital or horse stable, her mission is to enhance and support the energetics and needs of the living creatures in that space, so that they thrive and maximize their potential.

Phone: 1.868.680.0232

Email: healingspacescaribbean@gmail.com

Website: www.healingspacescaribbean.com

Liz Craig

Designer, Staging

New York, Connecticut, New Jersey

While staging, Liz Craig creates environments that draw people in. By linking her knowledge of design to strong organizational skills, Liz creates homes that sell faster, for more money. Liz is also a feng shui practitioner with a background in art and architecture, she designs and implements balanced spaces that are pleasing to the senses and spirit.

Phone: 732.977.7378

Email: LizCraigHome@gmail.com

Website: www.LizCraigHome.com

Sue Anne Fishkin

Designer, Healer, 9 Star Astrology, Lecturer/Speaker

New York Metropolitan Area

Graduate of 3 Year BTB Program in New York City. Specializing in Color Application, Dowsing, Health Adjustments, Residential Interior Space Design, Custom Altars and Art Work/Objects for your home.

Phone: 718.287.4342

Email: roomsaboutyou@gmail.com

Website: www.roomsaboutyou.com

Ann Billow

Designer, Healer

New York, elsewhere as requested

Certified BTB/FS Practioner, ASID affiliated Interior Designer, Astrologer (Natal-Solar Returns), Minister of Light- Weddings, Memorials, Burials, Student of TCM offering healing advice and referrals

Phone: 917.690.4102

Email: woman4allseasons@att.net

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Laura Morris

Designer, Distance Feng Shui, 9 Star Astrology, Lecturer/Speaker

Ontario, Canada

Laura Morris is a Feng Shui consultant and decorator working in Toronto and surrounding areas. She works closely with her clients, helping them to revitalize spaces, recharge their spirits and renew their energy.

Phone: 416.899.7082

Email: la_morris@yahoo.com

Website: www.morrisfengshui.com

Ellie Gerdes

New York

Feng shui, adult and children's yoga, stand up paddle board yoga, holistic personal trainer, New York State certified physical education and health educator

Phone: 917.960.1054

Email: Changeyourqi@gmail.com

Diane Hiller

Healer, Distance Feng Shui


Diane is an internationally recognized BTB Feng Shui Master, Psychic, Psychic Medium, and Life Coach. She has been ranked by popular vote as among the top 10 in all of these areas and was inducted into The Lightworker's World Hall of Fame On 11 December 2014.

Phone: 860.601.1263

Email: dianehiller@optonline.net

Website: elementalempowerments.com

Contributing Author: 365 Days of Angel Prayers, The Energy of Receiving 

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