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An 18,000 Year Old Shamanic

Feng Shui Lineage


Graduates are Shamanic Coaches

Help Clients Heal Physical, Emotional, Spiritual Issues

Shamanic Feng Shui is not the Feng Shui you read about in books or hear about in the media. It's a wide range of shamanic practices to help people live in harmony and balance. Our graduate practitioners help people solve the problems in their lives, become more successful, and follow a path towards more wisdom and compassion.

Our Shamanic Lineage

Prof. Lin Yun, lineage holder of the Chinese Bon Tradition, and a master of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism and Taoism, integrated the powerful spiritual and shamanic methods of these traditions. He created a practical, yet magical, way for modern people to access ancient wisdom to solve and heal modern problems along the spiritual path to freedom.


What Is Shamanism?

Shamanism focuses on the energy (QI) of the environment, the person, and the spiritual world. It uses physical (Feng Shui), psychological, and spiritual techniques. All three of those worlds are integrated and synchronistic. A change in the energy at any level changes the whole, solving your or your clients issues.


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